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Wirral Veterinary Physiotherapy provides professional treatment to horses, dogs and humans across Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales



Equine Physiotherapy

  Equine Physiotherapy manages a range of musculoskeletal, pre and post-operative, neurological and age related conditions    

Human Physiotherapy

  Human Physiotherapy provides a wide range of treatments for musculoskeletal problems, neck pain, back pain and sports injuries      

Rider Assessment & Equipilates™


Rider Assessment and Equipilates™ can help rider performance and optimise the partnership with your horse



What is Veterinary Physiotherapy?

Animals, like people, respond to physiotherapy. The main purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independence and maximise performance. Chartered physiotherapists are highly trained to assess and treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems.

About Claire

Claire Burgess, BSc Hons, MCSP, HPC, PG Dip, ACPAT cat A

Claire Burgess, BSc Hons, MCSP, HPC, PG Dip, ACPAT cat A

Chartered Veterinary Physiotherapist

Claire provides excellence in animal physiotherapy for horses, dogs, and cats.  Whether treating equine or canine athletes, or a loved companion, all animals are given a high class of treatment and care. Working in partnership with Veterinary Surgeons in the Wirral and surrounding areas

From the blog

Welcome to newest member of the team………Mysty!

So hopelessly outgrown superstar Buddy went off to his new home a couple of months ago and our Sponsored Rider Lucy Peters has been searching for a bigger version of Buddy for several months.........Happy to say she picked up Mysty aka Flaviatella - G last week a 16'1...
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A Wonderful Success Story!

This is Misty, she has been one of many successful rehab stories this year at Wirral Vet Physio! When I first assessed Misty she was significantly lame behind, and generally very sore, she had already had cortisone injections into her hocks with short lived results!...
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Hello Winter! Relieving boredom for the stabled horse

Hello Winter! The season we all dread as horse owners, cold, rain, ice and even snow!!  Well lets hope Winter 2016/2017 is a mild one! Over the last few weeks I have seen more and more horses on restricted Winter turnout, if you are lucky enough to have your horses...
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But … My saddle was made to measure!!

This is something I am hearing a lot at the moment, and i am happy to hear that so many of my clients have had saddle professionally fitted to their horses! However there is a but.... and that is the saddle only fits that horse if the said horse does not change shape!...
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Feeding for a More Natural Approach

With winter looming, horses are now being stabled more!  I often get asked about haynets and feeding from the floor.  So I thought I would post my thoughts on the matter! I don't profess to know everything and as always there are exceptions to every rule, so bear that...
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“How often should my horse routinely see a Physio?”

I get asked this a lot! The answer is different for all horses but I thought I would do a quick post to explain my thoughts! Some horses I see weekly, some I see monthly and some I see yearly! Lets start with why I see some clients weekly! I have several horses that...
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Physiotherapy for the Veteran Horse

So 'as soon as we are born gravity begins to pull on our joints and muscles causing wear and tear' as humans we constantly try to improve our posture, standing tall, exercising to maintain strength and fitness! Is it so different for our veteran horses?  I love the...
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‘I don’t now where this weight has come from!’

A familiar phrase I'm hearing at the moment! Is it just me or has the grass suddenly shot up and our horses are looking a bit.......well??? Think how you feel when you put on a few extra pounds!..... Tired, sluggish, increased aches and pains? Do your clothes still...
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Sponsored Rider Updates!

Just wanted to do a quick post on the success of our sponsored riders here at Wirral Veterinary Physiotherapy! Proud to be working with such talented people, and ponies!!! We will start with Lucy and Buddy, They completed their second BE at Somerford last weekend and...
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Equipilates™ Courses now being run in Wirral

*** Equipilates™ course*** 5 week course starting on Tues 7th June 7-8pm To be held at Pam's Pony Parties in Park Lane, Meols, Wirral, CH47 8XX Cost for the 5 weeks is £40 (limited spaces!) Ever wanted to improve the ridden relationship with your horse? By using...
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Great to see so many of you out enjoying your horses!! Well done to all of you that got placed this weekend!!!

I had the weekend off me, Maddie and some friends spent the weekend galloping over the fields of Oswestry at Springhill Farm! Here's some pictures from our fun weekend!! 😊

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