Asymmetrical weight distribution whilst riding can disturb the horses balance and rhythm. A rider’s position is very important as it can cause uneven pressure on the horses back and in time affect the horses ability to work to their potential.

Horses rely on physical aids from their riders, it is thought that asymmetries caused by the rider may be miscommunicated to the horse as aids, this can result in both behavioural problems and musculoskeletal problems in the horse.

Often by treating both the horse and rider performance and function can be optimised.

Common problems which can impact on the ridden horse:

  • Sitting uneven in the saddle
  • Tipping forwards
  • Poor balance when riding
  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Reduced flexibility

Rider assessments are carried out on and off the horse, individual exercise programmes are tailored to your needs.



Equipilates Registered Trainer, WirralClaire is a registered Equipilates™ Trainer ( Equipilates™ sessions are available as individual or group sessions.

Claire also teaches Equipilates™ group sessions at yards on the Wirral and surrounding areas.

Stage One: The fundamentals.

Learning the importance of ‘ABC’ alignment , breathing and core stability.

Stage Two: The progression.

Looking a step further activating core strength, using gym balls to perform and perfect the sitting trot and spikey balls to reduce tension.

Claire uses a combination of Pilates and her physiotherapy skills to improve rider position and stability in order to help you achieve a better partnership with your horse and improve your marks.


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To find out how I can help your riding, either through physiotherapy, Equipilates™ or a combination of both, drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available ~ Claire

Rider Assessment Wirral

I have coped with stiffness and cramps in my left hip whilst riding for over ten years.  I had a twin pregnancy which affected my hip joints. Since my Equipilates™ sessions I have gained more length in my legs and more balance in my riding. I have since bought an exercise ball and now regularly perform exercises to help with my progression in dressage. I now have no cramps in my hip and my legs feel even in length when riding.  I can sit deeper in the saddle and I can feel the movement of my horse much better.  I am very pleased with my progress after my treatment and advice from Claire.

Tracey W

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