Is anyone truly symmetrical?


And if the rider is not symmetrical can we really expect true straightness from our horse? Can these asymmetries be responsible for causing tension, pain and excessive loading on our horses?

As a rider we are expected to sit with good alignment in order to absorb the movement of the horses spine!


So what can contribute to poor riding posture and uneven loading on the saddle?


  1. Poor core stability
  2. Stiffness or restricted movement in ANY joint in the body
  3. A lack of body awareness (knowing where your body is in time and space!)
  4.  Poor posture
  5. Pain
  6. Previous injuries


And I could go on and on!


As riders we are great at looking after our horses, physio, farrier, dentist and vet all on speed dial, but when it comes to ourselves…… well?


Remember what sets ACPAT Physiotherapists apart is their ability to work with the horse and the rider!

If you are interested in my Equipilates sessions in the Wirral area get in touch…


Stage One: The fundamentals.

Learning the importance of ‘ABC’ alignment , breathing and core stability.


Stage Two: The progression.

Looking a step further activating core strength, using gym balls to perform and perfect the sitting trot and spikey balls to reduce tension.


Claire uses a combination of Pilates and her physiotherapy skills to improve rider position and stability in order to help you achieve a better partnership with your horse and improve your marks.


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