Summer is on it’s way, well it certainly seemed like it was yesterday…. today I wasn’t so sure!


Anyway the point of the post tonight is just a reminder to all my current and future clients about the importance of regular physio checks, I don’t tend to remind my clients, but if anyone is unsure of when their horse was last seen (by me) i have it all recorded in their notes!


The ground is getting harder, the grass is growing, and we are all enjoying riding so much more whilst the sun is shining, all factors that can affect your horses way of going, be it even minor!


Prevention is certainly better than cure, and a lot of the sessions that I do are merely a check and horses are often assessed and treated in one session!  That’s not to say I don’t have ‘rehab’ cases on my caseload – these are the cases which I love getting my teeth into, as a physio creating problem lists and setting goals is second nature, but seeing the improvements post injury or surgery is really rewarding!


So let’s all enjoy the time we spend with our horses, have fun whether it be hacking for miles on the Wirral Way, or competing at affiliated level, just remember that when you ‘pull’ a muscle or feel a twinge you can rest…. your horse however can’t tell you! and their stoic nature means that they often continue ‘as normal’ with a low level of discomfort.  So take note of the subtle changes in your horses ridden or ground work, after all who knows your horse better than you??


Any questions, or to book an appointment message via the website, Facebook or call 07740354930


(Photo credit to sponsored rider Lucy Peters and the fantastic Buddy)


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