Horses are natural athletes, and versatile enough to perform anything from hacking to grand prix dressage for us, it makes sense that just like humans they can develop ache, pains and injuries that can affect their performance. Pain can be visible as behavioural problems, lameness or a change in the animal’s performance.


  • Performance problems
  • Schooling and behavioural issues
  • Changes in behaviour whilst ridden
  • Back, neck and pelvic pain
  • Asymmetry due to muscle imbalance
  • Rider related issues
  • Injury Prevention
  • Addressing any potential areas of injury
  • Post injury Rehab
  • Treatment after surgery (kissing spine, Sacroilliac injections)
  • Treatment during, or following box rest
  • Treating the Veteran
  • Maintaining suppleness and strength
  • General well being checks


Physiotherapy is not just for the competition horse, all horses can benefit from physiotherapy assessment.

Horse Massage for Horse Owners

Ever wondered what’s normal or not normal to feel on your horse, and how to tell? or even how to manage regular aches and pains? Claire offers a fun and practical one day introductory massage for horse owners course in Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales, held at your own yard! The course covers basic anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and massage skills. It also includes a physiotherapy assessment of your horse and tailored ‘hands on’ massage techniques and stretches taught specific for your horse. You are also given a take away course handbook. The course is not designed to teach you to be able to massage other people’s horses, but HOW to benefit and maintain your own.

Find out More

To find out how a Veterinary Physiotherapy can help your working or agility dog, drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available.
~ Claire

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