Being a Veterinary Physiotherapist with over 18 years experience in the NHS and the private sector Claire is experienced in dealing with a full spectrum of musculoskeletal problems. Claire provides Physiotherapy treatment in the form of ‘hands-on’ (manual) therapy, addressing the stiff and painful joints and muscles to ease pain and promote healing to enable you to return to your normal function.

Not all cases are trauma related, many can be a result from our working environments or posture and compensatory movements, during physiotherapy sessions these issues can be addressed to improve your body awareness and movement patterns and in turn reduce your pain.

Claire aims to

  • Thoroughly assess & diagnose your injury or reason for your pain.
  • Provide treatment to relieve your symptoms and restore function.
  • Educate and provide an exercise programme to prevent reoccurrence and improve quality of life

Find out More

To find out how a Veterinary Physiotherapy can help your working or agility dog, drop me a message via the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m available.
~ Claire

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